Humans are by nature social animals.  We enjoy a chat, hanging out with friends, seeing movies and attending sporting fixtures.  Most people have a regular pattern we like to follow. During the last week we were bombarded with stories about this virus and have now been ordered to alter our daily habits quite dramatically.   It is absolutely normal to feel anxious about the future at this time when things are changing so fast.  

For many families, it is school holidays. This can be fun family time. There are heaps of board games, jigsaws and of course television and screen time.
Maybe it is time to build a chook pen and buy chickens. Learn to cook, paint or write a story or diary.

While children and young adults are not particularly at risk, it is their ability to carry the virus to older members of the community and their own families that is seen as a major problem.
Because we are blessed with technology, be it smart phones or computers, keeping in touch with family during isolation is important. Even if grandma only has a landline, it is good to set time and call her regularly. 

The government has taken the drastic measures which we see now to keep us all safe –

  1. Self isolate
  2. Wash your hands regularly
  3. Do not touch your face
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. If it is essential you go out – keep your distance from other people 
  6. No shaking hands or hugs

If you need to see a doctor because you have symptoms of Coronavirus19 do not go the surgery, ring ahead and staff will advise.

Queensland Health is the trusted source for all Covid-19 updates
There is a drive through testing unit set up at the old 1300 Smiles Stadium on Golf Links Drive.

This is all about your physical health. Your mental health is equally important. Keep busy and do not dwell on things you cannot control.

We thank our guest blogger,

embracing play

Natalie Arnel, Psychologist

Embracing Play

(Please be advised personal consultations with clients are now frowned upon, But a face to face method of consulting is now available online.)

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