Our current environment has seen locals get creative about the ways they deliver their fun programs. With activities that local families would normally attend in person now available online! We’re excited to see this evolution and new solution, one that will assist families seeking to support locals when looking at ways to entertain, educate or exercise with the kids….Two local businesses bringing their program to your home are GymbaROO Townsville and Kangatraining Townsville

Here is how you can enjoy what they each have to offer our community……

gymbaroo townsville


Term 2 2020 is going to be very special. We know it is going to be challenging for all of us. This is why we put together an offer that we hope will help parents to have a fun time with their kids, while working on all those very important skills that young children need to learn and practice in order to develop their body and brain to the best they can be.

For $160, you will access:
– 12 online classes: 1 new class every week accessible all week, so you can practice more than one time. And 2 extra classes for the holiday in July.
– The music we use during our sessions.
– A private group on Facebook, where we will share extra pictures, videos and ideas to practice from home.
– Regular live video catch ups for all your questions or just to have a chat with us!
– And before the beginning of the term, we’ll deliver you a special GymbaROO pack with your visualisation book and a few extra thing to keep your little one busy

Term 2 will start on the 20th of April, but you can enrol now on enrol.gymbaroo.com.au or you can contact us on our Facebook page: GymbaROO Townsville.

Parents please take it easy. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Reach out if you need to.

At GymbaROO, we are happy to have a chat if you don’t have anybody else to turn to.
This craziness will finish and when it does, we can all have a huge hug and start living our regular lives again.
Stay safe everyone!

Miss Sarah and Miss Mel from GymbaROO Townsville

kangakids townsville


With many toddler and preschooler children now confine to their houses, it is important that we still foster their creativity and physical movement in ways that are fun and interactive. Technology such as television, mobile phones, computers and tablets, although a wonderful educational resource for connecting and learning for a new way of educating our students, it has made our children immobile consumers who are rarely encouraged to be active.

We have transformed our Kangatraining Kids program into a live, virtual and online program for children. As trainers, we create a safe environment for children to learn about movement, exercise, express their creativity, learn the capability of their body and discover the joy of exercise. We provide a live training environment so children receive positive reinforcement and encouragement throughout the training session. The children are able to interact with each other as well and encourage a new kind of friendship.

We have had a great response from our online program over the past few weeks. The sessions have had families involved from all over Australia and even New Zealand. We have “Walked like Dinosaurs”, mastered the “Hokey Pokey”, and learnt a fun fitness music based routine filled with star jumps, burpees, and tippy toe running.

Our program is broken into three age categories: Tiny, Midis and Juniors. Each program provides a framework for the children to move their bodies in a way that is fun and beneficial without limitations. Every Kangatraining Kids session will start with a welcoming song and warm up movements. Next is a training component, which the Tiny Session involves parents with integration of the child. In Midi and Junior Sessions, the training component will contain a sequence of fun play-based exercises. We add a literary component with story stimulus and dramatic creative play session. At the end, we close the session with cool down songs and stretches.

At Kangatraining Kids we aim to promote movement and motivation, imagination and inventiveness, social behaviours and emotions and build trust and self-confidence.

You can join us online Mondays at 9am.

*We have other great local activities who are updating their term 2 offering, stay tuned, we will update this blog as they are confirmed*

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