As the sun tries to rear it’s head after more than a week and a half of the most devastating weather event to hit my hometown, I am forced to reflect this month rather humbly, on the way in which my community can come together in a time of need.

The amazing acts of bravery by first-responders, acts of kindness by individuals, organisations and local businesses alike is totally inspiring.

From the moment we knew flooding was imminent social media pages were also flooded, with offers of help in many forms, whether to assist in evacuating homes or shelter from the inevitable deluge. During and after the event, the outpouring of heartfelt requests to assist fellow Townsvillians brought a tear to this (sometimes) cynical eye.

We should never again sell ourselves short in this community, we are one force to be reckoned with ourselves, at the rate in which we can mobilise and assist is astounding.

While there are  many, many examples of this, I personally was feeling a deep level of guilt at not having suffered as terribly as so many of my fellow Townsvillians and so I got to witness and take part in the most amazing initiative called Mobilised Mums. Simply a group of local mums who could see the unending anguish of our fellow mums online begging and pleading for the basics for their families, after having lost absolutely EVERYTHING!

Within hours a group was formed, Facebook group created, calls put out for donations as well as volunteers, so a roster to man two central collection points was drafted and we were off! The requests came in from all over town, we fulfilled them or put calls out to help us do so and each was met with the highest level of care and compassion, the recipients grateful and thankful.

We really are an amazing town, community and network of mums and dads, I thank the organisers for their amazing coordination, I thank all who so freely and fast parted with items that others would see as a lifeline in such a dark devastating time, I thank Calvary Church and Elle J at Domain Central for giving your spaces to the group to coordinate this effort.

Never forget Townsville, even as we now face the next stage, we will do it together, we will overcome together and we will rise above, thanks to the second flooding to come, the waves of human kindness.

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