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KindyLinQ Rasmussen State School
KindyLinQ Weir State School
KindyLinQ Rasmussen State SchoolKindyLinQ Weir State School
19 Allambie Ln, Rasmussen QLD, Australia 4815, Rasmussen, Townsville
Burdekin Street, Richmond Hill Queensland 4820, Australia, Charters Towers
592 Ross River Road, Kirwan Queensland 4817, Australia, Kirwan, Townsville

What is KindyLinQ?

KindyLinQ is a play-based early learning program for three year old children and their families in the year before they start kindergarten.

KindyLinQ aims to give all children a great start by helping develop their skills as a confident learner. The play-based nature of KindyLinQ is perfect for young children. It enables them to explore, create, socialise and participate in different experiences.

KindyLinQ is supported by the State Government through the Department of Education.

Who can participate in KindyLinQ?

Families with children aged three years can participate in KindyLinQ. These are children who will be eligible to go to kindergarten in the following year. Siblings can attend the program as KindyLinQ is family-focused.

Why participate in KindyLinQ?

The KindyLinQ program seeks to support children’s learning and development and enhance the confidence of families as their children’s first teachers. The experiences provided through KindyLinQ can be continued in the home leading children to be creative, enquiring and active learners and explorers.

Where is KindyLinQ available?

There are 3 school sites delivering KindyLinQ in North Queensland. The schools are:

Rasmussen State School - Townsville
see image here in listing for contact details

Weir State School - Townsville -
see image here in listing for contact details

Richmond Hill State School – Charters Towers
Operates every Wednesday and Thursday from 8.30am – 11.30am.
Parents can register their children by contacting the KindyLinQ Facilitator, Libby Mathews or the school directly on 4756 2222.

When can my child start KindyLinQ?

Families with a three year old living in the community where KindyLinQ is delivered can contact the school and register to participate in the program. Children and families will gain the most benefit from regular attendance at KindyLinQ, although we recognise that families are busy. KindyLinQ is based on a flexible stay and play approach.

How is KindyLinQ delivered?

A teacher and an early years support coordinator will plan and deliver the program at the school. Once a family registers they can attend the sessions that may be offered for 2 hours three times a week or 3 hours twice a week.

What is involved in the KindyLinQ program?

The program involves a range of play-based experiences for children and their parent/carer to enjoy together. There will be organised group times where songs, games, stories and rhymes will be shared. Parents/carers will be actively engaged in the experiences with their children. The KindyLinQ staff will talk to parents/carers about the learning experiences and how they support children’s learning and development.

KindyLinQ will be available for a minimum of 6 hours per week. It is anticipated that sessions will be either:

3 x 2hour sessions OR

2 x 3 hour sessions

What is play-based learning?

Play-based learning describes the use of a range of materials and experiences that children can explore, experiment, discover and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways.

Play-based learning encourages children to create their own ideas and show what they know and understand about the people, places and events they encounter in their immediate surroundings. Play-based learning involves adults playing alongside children posing questions or making suggestions that stretch their thinking to higher levels.

You will see lots of games, blocks, art materials, recyclable items (boxes and containers), puzzles, and dress-up clothes in a play-based learning environment. These materials let children make decisions about how they use them and what they create.

How much does KindyLinQ cost?

KindyLinQ is provided at no cost (free) to families.

How are families supported?

The role of the teacher and early years support coordinator is to work alongside families. They will point out aspects of children’s learning and development to families and encourage families to continue to use some of the ideas and experiences at home.

How do I register to participate?

Your KindyLinQ school will ask you to complete a Registration Form. This form asks for contact information, health matters and cultural or religious considerations that are important to your family. The information will help the KindyLinQ staff to provide an appropriate program for you and your child.

How is it different to kindy?

KindyLinQ is like a stepping stone to kindergarten. Families are central to the success of KindyLinQ as they attend with their child and see first-hand the wonder and excitement children experience through play-based activities. Children will become familiar with a range of experiences they will encounter at kindy and will develop a range of skills that will see them transition into an approved kindergarten program. At kindergarten parents/carers do not attend the full session of each kindergarten day.

Where do I find more information?

Contact your local KindyLinQ school, or check out The Early Years Count website at www.qld.gov.au/earlyyearscount and search KindyLinQ….

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