And so  the first week of 2019 came and went, with it came my first week back at “the day job” and all that entails after 12 months parental leave, you know going on the “where the hell did all my stuff go?” treasure hunt and resetting all that you left behind when you were feeling fat, tired and well…..pregnant.

It also meant the first ever daycare experience for Master D and I have to say it was crushing, tear-jerking, upsetting and unsettling – and that was just me! He on the other hand did as he has these past 12 months, when presented with an opportunity to socialise, he dropped me and his dad like a bad habit and ran in the direction of FUN.

This first week has also heralded the introduction of my first ever newsletter to our community (which I only pray displays as it should) and this, of course, my first ever blog. Now I never expected this whole mum plus part-time passion plus day job thing to be easy, but WHAT A HELL OF A WEEK!

To all you wonderful mums out there who are juggling not one little person, but several, I salute you! I have seriously been losing my tiny mind being up every 2 hours (teething starting over 3 months ago with no sign of abating anytime soon is hell on earth I swear) I totally get why the army use sleep deprivation as torture and the ex-defence husband confirms for me that our nightly sh*tstorm is far worse than anything he got dished out in his 10 YEARS ENLISTED!?!?!?

If I read one more meme, quote or social media mention that parents love every minute of this period in parenting I am going to scream! Get real, I would trade my soul for even 3 or 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep at this point, Lucifer are you listening or even a Townsville Family Life follower? 😉

But when all is said and done, we survived this first week…..just….. with the much needed help of Mr Moccona, a cannister of Hairy Lemon and the realisation yes this is but one phase, it will pass. Now as for next week, when dad drives back to work and I attempt week 2 solo….HERE COMES FUN!

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