Well the dreaded flu hit our household like a Mack truck this year! After 3 weeks of battling all night coughing fits and downing Robitussin like it was wine….. I mean cordial…..I relented and went to the doc, to be prescribed…wait for it…a stronger cough medicine and mild relief for the aches and pains.

The biggest chuckle came though when he advised what I needed most was to take the medicine and to rest. So,after I stopped laughing, I explained that when you have a 17 month old, part time job, an online passion project just getting started and a husband away on a 7/7 roster, rest is the ONLY 4 letter word you never use, let alone rarely get to encounter. (Of course I am being slightly over dramatic, the very next phone call was of course a begging and pleading one to my own mummy to help me – yes she is my mummy when I am broken!!)

So we trudged through Easter (barely) with me drugged up and horizontal, bub with teething. coughing and all round toddler-refined button pressing of all the buttons we both had left to be pressed and mum, the saint, holding (what was left of us both) together to just get though this damn thing.

April has been the yuckiest, messiest, most sickly month I have encountered in all my days as a human on this earth, but it has made me oh so very grateful for my mum and all that she does for me and my little family, so as Mother’s Day nears, if you have your own mum close, give her a hug and thank her today, for no particular reason, just knowing that she no doubt had months like this one too and somehow she managed to not kill you so you could live to experience once just like it yourself.

MUM YOU ARE MY SUPERHERO, The Avengers got nothing on you!

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