Townsville Catholic schools see belonging as being accepted for who you are within the school environment.
This is why we take an individualised approach to learning and offer the support our students need to succeed.

Our Catholic schools, believe all students belong in our communities. One way we create a sense of belonging in our schools is to ensure our schools remain accessible to all and embrace inclusive learning environments. This not only means giving all students the opportunity to participate in curriculum but also ensuring our schools have spaces and activities so that all students can learn and participate together.

To achieve a successful model of inclusion, our school learning environments are thoughtfully arranged, the curriculum is designed and instructed to meet the needs of all students and our staff are provided with the most up to date, quality learning and teaching practices. To achieve this, Townsville Catholic Education has a dedicated Inclusive Education team which works with staff across our 29 schools in North Queensland to ensure inclusion is part of the pedagogy of Catholic schools.

The Inclusive Education Team works closely with our Learning and Teaching team and external agencies to share the skills and experience of our specialists. This ensures our students have access to continued and consistent support and can continue building confidence in their learning.

Learn more about what our specialists offer:

Speech Language Pathologists

Our speech pathologists support teachers with planning and ensuring all tasks are accessible to all students with language/literacy needs.

Advisory Visiting Specialist – EAL/D

Our specialist collaborates with schools in the provision of specialised advice to support students who are learning English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) fostering cultural responsiveness amongst staff, students and the school community.

Advisory Visiting Specialist – Hearing Impairment (AVS-HI)

Hearing Impairment specialists work alongside teachers offering educational support for students from Prep to Year 12 who have a hearing loss to enhance their resilience in the hearing world and advocate for their needs.


Advisory Visiting Specialists – Inclusion (AVS-I)

Inclusion specialists work with school leadership teams, teachers, student support services and parents/carers to ensure that students with a disability in schools across the diocese are supported to engage purposefully in learning.

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