NO, I am not talking about your TV addiction coming to an end people, I am talking about My Adult Fails (ok, so there is no “S” in the acronym, which only compounds how many times I have adult failed of late). Seriously, I am meant to have it together, aren’t I? I mean, I am the ‘other side’ of 40 now, a mum, a responsible member of society (well sometimes, lol).

Yet somehow I manage to adult fail and daily! I thought adults knew it all, could do it all and wanted for nothing when I was a kid, yet, here I am….an ‘adult’ and the more I roam the earth, the more I realise there is less that I know. I am unable to remember to do a damn thing, unless it is saved in my google calendar and I am always wanting things I can not have – because getting your short hair primped and primed every 4 weeks like you were used to BC (before child) is a thing of the past miss!

Then there is the magnifying glass that amplifies MAFs…..social media, she convinces me and no doubt you, that the rest of parent-kind has their sh*t together in a way more stylish, organised, fresh Hamptons make over kind of way, I mean come on…if there are real parents of small children doing more than turning the stained couch pillow over as part of their summer into autumn interior design plan, I’m nominating them for the next reality tv reno show, because they truly are the unicorns of the parent world.

My world is not so much creative colour-matching as it is inventive stained furniture, carpet and clothing hiding, needless to say new carpet is 5-6 years away, minimum, but oh yes, that all white decor I spied on your insta looks really user friendly and easy to maintain Janet, well done!

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