Never did we imagine a Mother’s Day like the one we have experienced in 2020, one surrounded with rules about contact we could and could not make with those we love, one where we could not celebrate at mum’s favourite cafe or restaurant like our family does each year, but nothing, not even COVID was going to ruin the day set aside to thank the women who raise us, love us and who have made some of us the mothers we have become ourselves.

We asked some local mums to give us an insight into their Mother’s Day 2020, to keep a record, a reminder of a time we will never forget,but that some of our children may never remember, these are their stories…..

Natalie Dowdell’s Day…..

So my day started with my 16 year old, jumping on me & saying “Happy Mother’s Day”, this was a huge surprise, as he was awake before midday. My husband made breakfast and we just had it at home. Before Covid-19 impacted everything, we were planning to take a trip up to the Hervey Range Tea Rooms and have a special Mother’s Day morning tea up there, so once we are able to, we will be making that trip and have a belated Mother’s Day morning tea.We went around to visit my Mother-In-Law around lunch time, which is what we would normally do.

In the afternoon, my eldest son and his girlfriend came to visit and stayed for a while. Again, this is what we would normally do. Whilst our plans weren’t too impacted by Covid-19, there was one ritual that I could not complete, for the first time, in 23 years of being a mum, which is to go and get a pedicure and just sit back and  relax in the massage chair.

As a mum of 5 boys we hope Natalie gets her well earned pedicure soon and that she gets to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 with all her boys (as she has in the past, like the image below from 2019)

Mothers Day 2020

Brooke Mealing’s Day…..

This year was meant to be a magical Mother’s Day in Melbourne with my mum and taking my twins to their first AFL match.

I haven’t spent Mother’s Day as a mum with my mum due to distance and as she is currently battling stage 4 cancer, you never want to put off a memory making day because you don’t know when it’s to late. Lots of tears were shed when it was clear covid ruined our plans so instead we chatted via phone and sent each other gifts via courier and I spent the day with my beautiful family on our block on Maggie getting it ready for construction.

I sat on a rock at the top of our block taking in this amazing view and I recounted all the amazing memories I have with my mum over the years and breathed deep breaths saying we just need to get through 12 months to next year mum to be in the same place as planned this year.

For me Mother’s Day is about celebration of my mum and what she taught me because I am only the mum I am today with her guidance and teaching I get to celebrate being a mum myself each and every day with my beautiful kids.

I hope every amazing mum had a Happy (isolation) Mother’s Day and I’m sending a virtual hug to those who like me couldn’t hug their mum this year.

mothers day 2020

Lucia Torrisi’s Day…..

For Mother’s Day I wanted to go for a picnic down on the river near home. So my partner made a platter and put our dog into the back of our ute while I organised our son. We got down to the river and had to cross a small muddy patch before there was a grassy clearing. My partner asked me to film him crossing it, but instead I filmed him getting bogged.

Mother’s Day picnic ended in me being muddy and having to walk 2km’s back home with our toddler to find a neighbour who could help and no picnic. Thankfully after some good neighbours drove down to the spot where we’d had gotten bogged, they pulled us out and we drove back home. It wasn’t quite the Mother’s Day I expected but I guess that sums up motherhood- always expect the unexpected and never plan your day.

mothers day 2020

We thank the mums who have shared their Mother’s Day 2020 with us, would you like to add your story and help us create a record of Mother’s Day 2020?

Simply send 150-200 words and an image (jpg format) to hello@townsvillefamilylife.com and we will happily keep adding to this story, one we hope is the first and last time we celebrate being mums under circumstances like these.

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