Riverside Adventist School … Discover the little school with a big heart!

With its flexible approach to learning, small class sizes and idyllic location, Riverside Adventist School has much to offer Townsville families.

Riverside has swapped traditional classrooms for a more flexible learning experience.

For some the concept of flexible learning is new but as Riverside Principal Bronwyn Goodwin explains the approach puts the child at the centre of their learning.

“Flexible learning is about really understanding a student’s educational needs. In some subjects they may need additional one-on-one support while in others they may be more advanced than their set year level.”

“At Riverside our high teacher-student ratios mean that we can take the extra time to support students to thrive.“

“It is also about how we use our space and group our activities – you’ll find students reading on beanbags, working alongside each other on the rug or solving problems together on our whiteboard-topped tables.”

Setting students up for success with its range of extra-curricular activities, Riverside focuses on building character in students to support them to be contributing citizens and not only tolerant but supportive and empathetic towards others.  

Riverside is located in a picturesque pocket beside the Ross River, which supports the curriculum’s emphasis on outdoor learning. Students work together to create and tend to gardens and get back to nature.


“All children learn differently and we are blessed to be located in a spot that lends itself so well to regular outdoor lessons … particularly at this time of year,” said Mrs Goodwin.

 “We offer a holistic program, where, from the time of enrolment, the student’s whole family is embraced and welcomed to our community.”

Riverside Adventist School is a small, co-educational primary school that has provided a comprehensive academic, spiritual, and physical program from Prep to Year 6 for over 50 years.

Riverside is proudly Adventist and welcomes families of all faiths and backgrounds.

Visit www.riversideadvendist.qld.edu.au, email info@riversidedeventist.qld.edu.au or call 07 4779 2291.

Meet Bronwyn, Riverside Adventist School Principal.

“I can guarantee that your child will receive a quality education at Riverside.”

Taking up the role as Riverside Principal at the start of 2020, Bronwyn’s background in teaching spans 37 years! 

For Bronwyn, teaching is much more than just a job and she openly admits it’s something that she finds it hard to switch off from.

“Teaching is God’s calling for me but I make sure I always take time out in the beautiful outdoors, make memories with my family, build Lego, read and game online” said Bronwyn.

Bronwyn loves that Riverside is a small primary school set on the stunning Ross River.

“At Riverside we aim to make learning practical and relevant so that students learn deeply.”

 “The rain trees, the park lands and the water make it a beautiful environment in which to work and learn both academically and spiritually.”

The teachers at Riverside know their students and support them to learn at their own pace in a fun and flexible environment.

When she’s not focused on all things Riverside, Bronwyn’s family, including her husband of 35 years, three adult children (and a grandchild on the way) are her world.

“God and my family mean everything to me and are my number one priorities, so it’s important to me to also care for myself so I can be around for as long as possible to enjoy them!”

Asked if she has a message for parents considering sending their students to Riverside for a primary school education … Bronwyn is quick to reply!

“The staff love welcoming new students and families into the school community.   

“At Riverside we support students to love learning and we want parents to know that they will be a precious part of our school family

“I can guarantee that your child will receive a quality education at Riverside.”

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