So the Coronavirus has hit. We are all acutely aware of social contact.

Maybe as a family you are limiting your contact with the outside world, have chosen to completely self isolate or would like to but the fear of entertaining your children for an undisclosed amount of time is more daunting than you care to consider! But we believe there are ways to thrive during this time and even enjoy this family time.

One of the things I would like to talk about is beat. I don’t mean music, but the beat of society. We feed off others peoples energy. Have you noticed some people’s energy is high, they seem to beat fast, they talk fast, walk fast have lots of energy, you may leave them feeling energised or even anxious depending on the tone of the beat. Other people have a slower beat, they can be calm and they calm you, or they can have a really slow beat and you leave them feeling really flat. Well I have noticed our community beat seems really high. I went to the shops and it felt frantic and I left with a feeling of dread. Why am I telling you this- well consider your beat around your children, as they will feed off it. If you are calm and taking things in your stride then it will automatically help them to feel safer and in turn calmer (most of the time).

Keeping the mind and body active during this time is also important. It helps improve mental and physical health. Here are some activities you can do during this time.


  • Cloud watching- a very mindful activity
  • Climbing- great for planning, strength building and developing shoulder stability (important for hand writing)
  • Handball- I don’t know about you but this is very competitive in our house. Perfect for play especially those involving rules
  • Go for a walk, maybe go to the river and do a nature hunt- look for different animals, plants. Feel the different textures in nature – a perfect way to explore the senses and to introduce language e.g. rough, smooth, spikey


  • Use white board markers and write on mirrors, a fun way to practice writing and increase shoulder stability
  • Cooking – so many skills including motor, reading and math
  • Play a board game – develop skills including turn taking, waiting, communication, strategic thinking. Depending on the game math skills or literacy skills (Yahtzee or Slapzi)

Most importantly though- don’t be afraid to let your children be bored. Boredom is a catalyst for creativity, thinking outside the square and the ability to think for yourself.

If you want more information about boredom check out “The Lion, The Witch and Boredom”.

We thank our guest blogger,

Access Therapy Services

Dina Whelan

Senior Occupational Therapist

Access Therapy Services

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